Release Notes 8/17/2016

PATCH IS LIVE! Go forth and enjoy your new warrior unitsĀ  August 17 2016 Announcements -Twelve new warrior units are now available! 2 For each faction! -Cygnar extends their ranged advantage with suppressive fire and dual shots from the Long … Read More

New Warrior Unit Tactics Videos!

In honor of the 12 new units on their way to WARMACHINE: Tactics next week, we put together some videos showcasing how to use these units tactically to their greatest advantage on the battlefield. These 12 units release to everyone … Read More

Upcoming New Unit Previews!

We just wanted to share the full list and completed artwork of upcoming Warrior units, which are on their way to you soon! If you were a Kickstarter backer or purchased the Deluxe edition of the game, you will receive … Read More

Spring Casual Tournament, May 14th!

We are excited to announce the Spring Casual Tournament! This will be the first casual tournament with the new 25 point maps. Check out the update rules below: The same exact rules as Ranked Format, but with a 25 point … Read More