March Update Press Release

WARMACHINE:Tactics – March Update Press Release

Los Angeles, March 24th, 2016


Greetings WARMACHINE:Tactics Players!

We are excited to release this new update for WARMACHINE:Tactics which brings with it a large number of updates and improvements. The team has been working hard to create a more fluid game and are glad to have this update ready to go. Check out some of the new features that have been added and if you haven’t played in a while, now is a great time to play through the campaign or play a friend in Quick Match.

Starting out, we have implemented multiple upgraded menus for the Main Menu, Options Menu, Single Play Menu and an easier flowing Credits. Allowing players to find matches and games easier and set up matches through multiplayer and campaign mode.

Along with that, Casual Quickmatch had added features which include pre-made 25 point lists for each Warcaster designed to teach new players the core mechanics and tactics of the game. These lists are balanced for optimal use and are quicker games. For players with the Demo, we will also be rotating new Warcasters, allowing them to try out new tactics and characters. Players will be able to play on 3 new maps too for multiplayer. The Bridge, which is an industrial bridge over a vast canyon. The Burned Out Town, where a battle or skirmish fight has taken place, the game takes places as the town is still burning. Also the Swamp, where players play in the dark and dank areas of the Cryxian swamp.

Brand new UI is being added. Showcasing additional information about the factions and Warcasters, including stats, lore, and tactical advice.

Ranked Lists and a 2-List Format is being added to WARMACHINE:Tactics. Ranked play now mimics the popular format set forth by tabletop communities. Before a match, both players can see each other’s 2 possible squads, but the final chosen squad is a mystery until deployment. Providing more information about your opponent, the map and the game session is now displayed in advance, including leaderboard and skill rank, player name, scenario description, and a preview of the map. While you are waiting for the opponent to finish choosing their list the brand new UI will showcase our 3D models.

To tie into our upgraded multiplayer experience, players now receive more information about their game career in our Upgraded Leaderboards. Their favored Warcaster and Faction, the top 25 players, the 50 players closest to them in rank, and the rank of their Steam friends.

To facilitate education of new players and veterans alike, we have added in more Tutorial Prompts. There are aspects of the game that most players learn by playing more games or through the single player campaign, these added tutorial prompts will help educate players on strategies they may not have seen.

Finally we have dozens of bug fixes which further increases the stability and optimization on a wider range of systems.


Watch the Full Patch Notes Video - Link to Full Patch Notes


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Producer, Whitemoon Dreams LLC

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Community Team, Whitemoon Dreams LLC

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Community Team, Whitemoon Dreams LLC