Release Notes 8/17/2016

PATCH IS LIVE! Go forth and enjoy your new warrior unitsĀ 

August 17 2016

-Twelve new warrior units are now available! 2 For each faction!
-Cygnar extends their ranged advantage with suppressive fire and dual shots from the Long Gunners.
-Cygnar has ordered its Trencher Commandos to slip in and out of the shadows and strike with deadly precision.
-The Widowmakers of Khador have come to counter the long reach of the Motherland’s enemies with traps and sniper fire.
-Khador has unleashed its frightening Doomreavers, driven to berserker madness by their cursed Fellblades.
-Daughters of the Flame will now weave and slice unopposed through those who face the Protectorate of Menoth.
-The Choir of Menoth may now sing Menoth’s songs to strengthen the warjacks of the Protectorate of Menoth.
-The Pistol Wraiths of Cryx have risen to invoke the chill of death upon the living.
-Cryx now calls upon the Bane Thralls to weaken and crush all life under their axes.
-Boomhower Company Members now join Greygore to fight for the Mercenaries and any Cryx, Khador or Cygnar commander who can afford them.
-Alexia Ciannor, Mistress of the Witchfire will raise the dead to serve the Mercenaries, Cygnar and Khador.
-Those who oppose the Retribution will suffer an endless rain of arrows from their Stormfall Archers.
-The Retribution now send their Souless Escorts to disrupt the sorcery of their mage enemies.
-Casual Quickmatch squads have been updated to include the new warrior units.
-In-game chat system has been redesigned with new art and improved functionality.
-Victory and Defeat screens updated with new art.
-New Advanced Tactics available for each Warcaster in the Unit Browser.

Balance Changes
-Rahn’s Telekinesis has been split into Telekinesis – Offensive, and Telekinesis – Friendly.
-Double-Handed throw split into “Double-Handed Throw – Targeted” and “Double-Handed Throw – Directional”, the earlier being able to target enemy units and the later uses a chosen direction.

Fixed Bugs
-New drop-down menu added to the Unit Browser for faster swapping between factions.
-Single Player missions will now be unlocked upon completing the previous mission, instead of after the new mission is loaded.
-Solved an issue preventing cutscenes from being skipped.
-Units hit with Critical Knockdown and Critical Freeze will no longer remain in the knocked down pose after they thaw and stand up.
-Siege’s Mage Sight can no longer be cast outside of Siege’s control area.
-The Hydra now correctly gains a free power attack when both its initial melee attacks hit.
-Retribution Chimera warjack is now able to change facing during its apparition movement.
-The Holy Vessel passive on the Avatar of Menoth now sets its maximum focus to 4.
-Retribution Mage Hunter Infiltrator’s Slip Strike should now work correctly within the Gorgon’s Forcelock.
-Ravyn’s Vortex of Destruction visual effect now correctly expires when the spell is not upkept.
-Rahn’s Telekinesis can now properly target himself and friendlies using the new ‘Telekinesis – Friendly’
-Rhan’s Telekinesis can now be properly boosted.
-Rahn’s Telekinesis can now be cast on the same unit if the spell previously missed.
-Cryx Reaper Warjack can now properly buy extra melee attacks after using a drag melee attack.
-Ashlyn’s Gallows should no longer have difficulty pulling large base units.
-Jarok Croe’s Shiv should now automatically hit stationary targets.

Known Issues
-Spawning Darius’s Half Jacks into an Remains-In-Play effect may crash the game or cause a stuck activation. Please avoid spawning Half-Jack within RIP effects.
-Enemy Cinerators in Mission 7 may become stuck if the player runs their army to the mine when the Mission begins.
-Framerate may drop or hang during the AI turn on Single Player and Skirmish Matches with heavy troop numbers or systems with minimum required hardware.
-The Free Strike Warning message may appear randomly if you cancel a movement that would incur a free strike and move a different unit.
-A warjack’s model may not despawn if killed while knocked down.
-The Targeting panel of Siege’s Ground Pounder ability does not allow the player to boost the ability, but it can still be boosted with hot keys.
-Rare crash may occur on certain GPU/hardware configurations.
-There are currently no Hotkey settings in the Options Menu. Keybindings can still be set in the in-game options menu.
-Depth of Field setting currently does not function.
-If you experience a crash, please email us with the circumstance of the crash, your dxdiag file, and your warmachinegame.log file.
-Please check our Known Issues Mega List in the Bug Reports page on our forums for a full list of Known Issues.