WARMACHINE: Tactics is a squad-level, turn-based tactics game featuring both a single-player campaign and online head-to-head multiplayer options.

Whether playing the campaign or multiplayer, the command and management of your squad is key. Not only will you make defining choices about the warcaster, warjacks, and warriors that comprise your squad, but you will also utilize strong tactical direction of their strengths and abilities in battle as well as astute guidance for how they evolve over time.

WARMACHINE: Tactics is designed around the philosophy of synergy between the members of a squad. Every unit is part of the whole and can interact with other units for greater effect. Similar to the concept of creating ability combos in a trading card game, units in WARMACHINE: Tactics can combine effects and abilities that support each other’s efforts and increase one another’s effectiveness. Careful and creative selection of a squad’s warcaster, warjacks, and warriors is essential to an effective strategy. Plus, it means you can design exactly the force you want to put onto the battlefield.

Then once your squad takes to the field of battle, your tactical command of their actions will govern their success. Will your squad advance cautiously, utilizing cover and outmaneuvering the enemy, or will they charge furiously into melee combat where brute force and resilience will win the day? In battle, how you command your warcaster, warjacks, and warriors and the tactical decisions you make to adapt to your enemy will determine your squad’s fate.

In WARMACHINE: Tactics, you are able to save multiple squads in different configurations so that you can always pick the best load out for the opponent at handAnd if you want to see how your squad stacks up, you can pit them against an AI opponent in order to try out your strategies and evaluate their performance before putting them to the true test against opponents from around the world.


The Iron Kingdoms are populated by rare individuals who possess incredible arcane talents in addition to unmatched combat skills. Even more important, they can mentally command and channel their power through the most devastating weapons of war—warjacks. In WARMACHINE: Tactics, your squad is led by such a warcaster, one of many unique characters drawn from a colorful pantheon that makes up the epic cast of this setting. Each warcaster possesses an arsenal of weapons tailored to his personal fighting style as well as a unique combination of spells and skills. These include a defining arcane feat that, when used at the right time, can turn the tide of battle.

Warcasters possess a replenishing reservoir of magical energy, called focus, which endows them with their superhuman abilities. Focus is used to cast spells, charge the protective fields of their specially created battle armor, and increase the effectiveness of their combat abilities.


Every warcaster interacts with his or her warjacks and warriors differently. One warcaster may promote aggressive strategies and bolster her squad’s performance in melee combat, while another warcaster may provide greater defense and longevity to his squad, encouraging a more methodical approach to victory. The interchangeability of warcasters in WARMACHINE: Tactics provides nearly infinite replayability and ensures that no two game experiences are ever the same.

The spearhead of the WARMACHINE fighting force is the warjack. Outfitted with an array of wicked weaponry, these imposing constructs of steel and iron are brought to life through a fusion of steam power and magic and controlled with deadly precision by the warcaster.

A warcaster is in constant telepathic contact with her warjacks and can channel her focus through a warjack to boost the machine’s combat abilities and enable it to execute devastating power attacks.


The relationship between warcasters and their warjacks is as close as the kinship between any brothers in arms. Over time, a warjack gains experience and may bond with its warcaster, taking on unique personality characteristics and developing new aptitudes.

Fleshing out the squad in WARMACHINE: Tactics are the warriors. Encompassing a wide range of disciplines and roles, warriors are selected for the fighting capability and supporting tactics they add to your squad based on how you want the force to operate on the battlefield.

Squads in WARMACHINE: Tactics are small, elite units, and the warriors that comprise them are all heroes in their own right. The warriors bring with them a gallery of incredible weapons and abilities that can make a squad perform efficiently and effectively in any situation, from rapid assaults to stealthy hit-and-run maneuvers and everything in between.

Each battle awards warriors, warjacks, and your warcaster with experience that unlocks new options for your squad, like tactical feats for the warriors or bonds between the warcaster and his warjacks that affect the performance of the warjacks in specific situations. This ever-growing list of options can be accessed during squad building to customize your force to your precise strategy.

Each campaign focuses on a single warcaster character and allows you to play through the formative experience that evolves that character into a full-fledged warcaster, also playable in multiplayer.

The campaigns deliver an extensive, story-driven experience. Currently the first campaign No Man’s Land is available to play, with Dark Seduction soon to come, and Fire and Ice to follow.


WARMACHINE: Tactics is available on Steam with the “No Man’s Land” campaign, featuring Cygnar’s Lt. Allison Jakes, a young journeyman warcaster trained as a duelist who is unexpectedly thrust into a position of great responsibility and leadership before she is ready. Under your command, Lt. Jakes will rise to the occasion in the face of horror and adversity in this harrowing story that will define her character forever in the ongoing saga of WARMACHINE.

Future campaigns will explore all the factions of WARMACHINE and feature a cast of characters uniquely designed for both the video game and the tabletop.

One of the most exciting aspects of WARMACHINE: Tactics is being able to play against your friends. Online multiplayer features head-to-head against a live opponent in several different modes. If you don’t have a friend available and still want to get your battle on, you’ll be able to find an opponent with automatic matchmaking. And WARMACHINE: Tactics offers casual, ranked, and tournament play to suit the style of every player.


Multiplayer is supported with regular releases of new maps, features, units, and even whole new factions. We want to ensure that your game experience is consistently fresh and offers new challenges every time you play.