1a054d_364bddfb5468f6e68f9e1d625c3b60edRivalries as old as man steep the Iron Kingdoms in a tradition of incessant war, forging in its violent fires heroes of unimaginable power and the weapons they alone can wield. This is a land dominated by iron giants and their heroic human controllers, a fantastic realm marching to the progressive cadence of an industrial revolution, where magic and technology have found common ground in the form of a new science, called “mechanika.”


Dominating the field of battle are the WARCASTERS, rare individuals who have mastered both sorcerous magic and martial combat and who possess the singular ability to command the mightiest warriors of the Iron Kingdoms—ten-ton, flame-belching, lead-spewing machines of destruction called WARJACKS.

Warjacks are the warcasters’ greatest weapons—titanic, steam-powered automatons with arcane brains, magically linked to their warcaster controllers and capable of executing their every devastating order. Together, a warcaster and his warjacks possess the power of a small army. When leading a military force, they are unstoppable.


The wars that engulf the Iron Kingdoms are waged by four powerful nations: imperialistic and conquest-driven Khador; heroic Cygnar, with its cutting-edge technology; the fanatical Protectorate of Menoth; and the undead “Nightmare Empire” of Cryx. Bolstering the forces of these factions are countless mercenaries, drawn from all corners of the continent to profit from the endless conflicts. Other nations beyond the Iron Kingdoms have also entered the fray—ancient and inhuman races, some who ally with the human factions and others who would see humanity destroyed.