WARMACHINE:Tactics – 12/18/15 Update


Greetings, WARMACHINE: Tactics players! We hope you have noticed our vast improvements and upgrades over the past several months. We couldn’t have come this far without you! Over the year since Tactics first released, we have been able to improve all aspects of the play experience and now feel the time is right to begin the next major phase of growing the game we built together. We of course have not forgotten about you and the contributions you have made, and you will be receiving additional content at no extra cost. Let’s discuss a bit about what has happened with the game, where we are going in the coming year, and your role in it all.

Development continues in earnest here, and we continue to complete goals, with many more on the way. With the last several patches, we’ve addressed issues and tuned the game, further improving its performance. WARMACHINE: Tactics has also gotten significant visual facelifts – new UI/UX, art assets, an updated splash screen and flashy new VFX. All of this will be continuing each patch.

As WARMACHINE: Tactics is only the second game ever released for the UE4 engine, we have been pioneers in developing with this still new, cutting edge tool set. Over the past year, we have learned a great deal about the engine and are committed to the continual improvement of your gaming experience. The game is now optimized on a wider range of machines and has access to more advanced development tools. We have better educational tools to help new players who are previously unfamiliar with the WARMACHINE IP and mechanics. We have dozens of new units on the way. We have more successfully integrated community through social media, chat, tournaments, contests, videos, Twitch streams, events and more regular and structured community initiatives. We have fewer and fewer bugs all the time and releases have been progressively much more stable, reliable, and bug free.

And with the next 2 patches, you will see some of our biggest and most important changes yet. Soon to be in your hands:

  • Improvements to the matchmaking system with competitive 2 list format play, as popularized by the tabletop
  • Casual 25 point list quickmatch, which allows for faster games (for when you have less time for a match), while also allowing new players to more easily build a solid foundation for understanding the complex mechanics of the game. Demo users have complete access to the 25 point casual quickmatch, helping to fill out our numbers while building a new generation of educated WARMACHINE players.
  • You will have the choice to queue for only 2 list, 50 point ranked play, only casual quickmatch or BOTH – meaning we won’t be segregating our population, only enhancing it.
  • The first components of the Tactics and Bonds system with XP that levels you up in rank and unlocks badges and titles (eventually to unlock additional rewards and tactics)
  • A pre-game match screen that displays more information about your opponent, increasing the sense of community and meta gaming aspects which make tabletop play so addictive and competitive.
  • Controller support
  • Additional visual and UI improvements

And this is only our next 2 patches! There is far more content on the way.

Meanwhile, Dark Seduction is underway and introduces brand new single player content, original music, unseen settings, units and more. This will be out in the first half of 2016. Features like the highly anticipated unit painter are also underway. We even have some other developments we can’t talk about just yet, but we are super excited for (you will be too!) If you haven’t had the chance to check out the game recently, now is a great time to do so.

For months now our biggest challenge has been that players have had difficulty finding matches, which has been largely due to three things: lack of matchmaking functionality, an incredibly steep learning curve for new players, and lack of players online with the game at any one time. With the great improvements to matchmaking and our educational tools, we are increasing our efforts on growing the community around WARMACHINE: Tactics. By continuing to take advantage of Steam’s seasonal promotional opportunities and through a permanent price reduction to the core game in 2016, we hope to be able to get WARMACHINE: Tactics into the hands of many more players and build an active, thriving community. Please watch for our upcoming events and all the new content that will be going into the game, and charge into the next era of WARMACHINE: Tactics with us. There’s never been a better time to be in the battle!

As always, we are available to field any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions you might have. Please never hesitate to contact us on Steam, our forums www.forums.whitemoondreams.com, social media www.facebook.com/whitemoondreamsand www.twitter.com/whitemoondreams or email social@whitemoondreams.com – we’re here to listen, and this game would never have come so far without you.


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